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We are specialized at Marine Life Science Engineering and Biochemistry and started the antifouling project for mariculture fishery by supported Jeollanam-do government in 2015, Korea and developed Natural Epoxy resin made of vegetable oils and novel eco-friendly antifouling epoxy paints with VOC-Zero in 2017.

We prove an excellent antifouling effects to barnacles and seaweeds from the onsite antifouling performance test on abalone farm at Korean coastal area for 3 years,

And we are operating R&D Center for Marine life science and Bio-polymer and manufacturing antifouling paints and various fishery facilities in Korea.

We are manufacturing eco-friendly Epoxy resins for industrial coating and adhesives, bio-plastics and antifouling paints with natural product antifoulants(NPAs, eco-friendly biocides from natural resources). 

Furthermore, we develop eco-friendly antifouling abalone nets and shelters for mariculture fishery and offshore structures such as submerging power station’s facilities, ships, Tide adjustment gates, etc.

Our technology’s traits are as follows.

  • Natural Epoxy resin is developed by processing vegetable oils and has eco-friendly and excellent mechanical properties such as Waterproof, Chemical resistance, Durability, VOC-Zero (0.1 g/L) and biodegradability.

  • NPAs have high therapeutic ratio (over 15) and an excellent antifouling effect to target biofoulants such as barnacles, seaweeds but less harmful to mariculture organisms, human, ecosystem.

  • Advanced high quality technology in biochemical, Marine life science engineering and pharmaceutical industry 

We get the Korea Eco-label Certificate on antifouling paint from KEITI at the first time in Korea on June, 2018. 

Note that the aquaculture antifouling coating  and bio-polymer market are big size market and we want to be a leading company specialized on this market with an advanced bio-technology.


Now, we are launching antifouling paints and antifouling facilities for aquaculture fishery and especially abalone farming market, and any other antifouling market.

Our Manufacturing facilities.


1. Epoxidized Linseed Oil : 50,000 tons per year





2. Epoxy Resin: 50,000 tons per year

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